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Promophone applies all efforts to protect your private life data and keep your personal information in strict confidentiality.


  1. Data collected and used by Promophone
  2. Goals and ways of using the data
  3. Disclosure of your personal information
  4. Advertising
  5. Websites and software of third persons
  6. Inviolability of your personal data
  7. Communication with you
  8. Introduction of amendments to the Confidentiality Regulations
  9. Communication with Promophone


When installing and using the Promophone mobile application, you agree to authorise Promophone to obtain and use the following information:

  1. Information from your profile in the social network Facebook and/or Vkontakte (hereinafter in the text – the Social Network), in accordance with your confidentiality settings of the specific Social Network, and namely: your age, sex and city.
  2. Information on your location, received from your mobile communication operator or your mobile device.
  3. Information from the address book on your mobile device.
  4. Access tokens for other accounts, which are linked with your Promophone account (for example, your accounts in the Social Network), such as electronic keys provided by the service used for user identification instead of entering a password.
  5. Data on your mobile device, such as its manufacturer, model number, operating system, screen parameters, interface language settings.


The main goal of collecting this information is to secure a reliable, flawless and efficient service that meets your requirements. Promophone, when acting independently or using the services of third persons, collects and uses your personal data in the allowable volume, which is required in order to:

Offer products for securing voice communication with telephone-network users;

Provide technical support and eliminate failures;

Adapt, evaluate and improve Promophone software and the website;

Organise and hold marketing and advertising campaigns, operations and other similar events conducted by Promophone;

Offer some functions of Promophone for free, due to advertising support;

Protect your interests and the interests of Promophone, in particular, secure control over observation of the Terms of Use, prevent fraudulent activities and combat them (collectively – the Goals).


Except for in the cases described below, Promophone undertakes not to sell, provide for use, exchange or otherwise transfer your personal data and/or data about your traffic or the content of your conversations without your direct approval, unless this is required by valid laws or ordered by competent bodies. Please note that the information which you voluntarily disclose in your user profile in the Social Networks, forums and comments to publications, becomes publicly accessible and can be viewed by other users.

We may read, disclose and keep personal data, including your confidential content (for instance, a history of your calls), in good faith in the belief that it is required in order to: To be in compliance with the valid laws or reply to a legally valid subpoena from competent bodies, including law enforcement bodies or other public authorities; to protect our clients, for instance, to prevent spam or fraud with regard to our users or to prevent death or serious injuries; to use and upkeep the security system of our websites, products and services, including to prevent or stop attacks on our computer systems or networks; or to protect our rights or property, including provision of observation of the terms regulating the usage of Promophone.

Promophone, its local partner, communication operator or another company which provides communication, may present your personal data, data of your calls to authorised judiciary, law enforcement or public authorities, having received legally justified inquiries from them. In the event of receiving such an inquiry, Promophone must undertake due measures for collaboration and present the required information; herewith you give your approval to the disclosure of such required data.

Information, which is collected by or sent to Promophone, may be stored and processed in the Russian Federation, as well as in another country where equipment of the company or its affiliated or subsidiary companies or providers is installed. In view of this or for the purpose of information exchange or data transfer in accordance with Article 4 of this document, Promophone retains the right to transfer information beyond the borders of your country. The fact that you use the Promophone application means you agree to any transfer of information beyond the borders of your country.


Advertising of Promophone or third persons in the Promophone application or on the Promophone webpage.

Promophone and our Partners in advertising distribution may use some information, not containing personal data transferred to Promophone, such as your age, sex, language, country and city of residence, as well as information on the countries you call in order to forward you the advertisements that can be of most interest to you, as well as to evaluate the effect of advertising events and increase their efficiency.


The Promophone application may display links that help you to get access to other websites, without leaving the Promophone application. Websites, which the links guide you to, are not controlled by Promophone and their usage is regulated by other confidentiality regulations. The effect of the Confidentiality Regulations extends exclusively to personal data obtained through the usage of the Promophone application and received as a result of the relations existing between you and Promophone. Promophone strongly recommends you to take care when disclosing your personal data on the internet. Promophone does not bear responsibility for activities of other websites.


Promophone undertakes to take all required organisational and technical measures to protect the provided personal data and data on calls, by observing all obligations and exceptions imposed by the valid laws.


From time to time, Promophone may offer you to tell about your experience of using the company products, and such information will be used to make conclusions about the quality of our products and the necessity of taking measures to increase it. Under no circumstances, are you obliged to provide such data. Any information voluntarily provided by you in the process of completing forms for references on our website or as a result of participation in opinion polls will be used for the purpose of considering such references and improving Promophone software.


The Promophone application is not intended to be used by children under 13 years of age. Promophone recommends parents to follow the usage of internet by their children, in order to prevent the disclosure of any data by a child without the permission of the parents.


From time to time, Promophone may introduce amendments to these Confidentiality Regulations, in conformity with changes in our software and/or products, as well as in conformity with references of users. When publishing amendments to these Confidentiality Regulations on the website, we update the ‘last revision’ date provided at the end of the Confidentiality Regulations. In the event of significant amendments in the Confidentiality Regulations or our approach to using your personal data, we will notify you about this either by a preliminary publication on such amendments, or by forwarding a direct notification to you. Hereby, you agree that continuing to use the mobile application of Promophone is confirmation of your approval of the Confidentiality Regulations.


To communicate with Promophone on issues regarding its mobile application, please forward your queries to the Client Service Department by e-mail to